British Open 2024 Masters : Draws and Top Seeds

For the first time since 2022 the British Open Masters competition will be held alongside the PSA Platinum events, with action taking place at the Solihull Arden and West Warwickshire Clubs from 5th to 9th June.

Masters events are for players aged 35 and over and cater for both male and female entrants, beginning with the over-35 tournament all the way up to the over-80 event.

The British Open Masters Squash Championships is the oldest and most established tournament in masters squash and is widely considered to be one of the two most prestigious tournaments, alongside the World Masters.

British Open Masters 2024 : EVENTS and TOP SEEDS

Events and Top seeds

Men’s Events :
O35 : 32 draw, [1] James Snell (Dvn), [2] Tim Vail (Ssx), [3/4] Jamie Douglas (Nld), Chris Hall (Wks)
O40 : 32 draw, [1] Phil; Rushworth (Sry), [2] Tim Richards (Knt), [3/4] Julian Wollny (GER), Jason Varne (Ofe)
O45 : 32 draw, [1] Matt Holland (Hph), [2] Mick Biggs (Mdx), [3/4] Armin Hameed (GER), Alistair Coker (Hfd)
O50 : 32 draw, [1] David Ayerst (IRL), [2] Paul Boyle (Bux), [3/4] Jonathan Gallacher (AUT), Rob Staunton (IRL)
O55 : 32 draw, [1] John Musto (USA), [2] Predi Fritsche (GER), [3/4] Steve Evans (WAL), Gavin Roger-Lund (Bux)
O60 : 64 draw, [1] Fredrick Johnson (SWE), [2] Eamonn Price (Hfd), [3/4] Darren Whitney (Bux), Alex Betts (Mdx)
O65 : 32 draw, [1] Allen Barwise (Cba), [2] Tom Burton (Hfd), [3/4] Nick Gollaglee (Som), Gordon McManus (Knt)
o70 : 32 draw, [1] Stuart Hardy (Wlt), [2] Ian Graham (Ssx), [3/4] John Hithersay (Nhm), Nick Drysdale (Avn)
O75 : 16 draw, [1] Ian Ross (SCO), [2] Barry Featherstone (Hph), [3/4] Larry Grover (Hph), Stephen Evans (WAL)
O80 : 4 Pool, [1] Anthony Clifforde (Hph), [2] Ken Reid (SCO), [3/4] Leo Kingston (Lnh), Nigel Belle (Knt)

Women’s Events :
O35 : 5 Pool, [1] Leoni Holt (Wks), [2] Kirsty West (Chs), [4/5] Mivhelle Knight (Nhm), Keeley Peacock (Esx)
O40 : 5 Pool, [1] Selina Harper (Cba), [2] Natalie Davenport-Husdan (Chs), [3/4] Ria Gelderblom (Brk), Natalie Lawrence (Som)
O45 : 16 draw, [1] Catherine Ruffle (Knt), [2] Joannah Yuu-Hitch (SIG), [3/4] Katy Temple (SCO), Kate Bradshaw (Cbe)
O50 : 16 draw, [1] Rachel Calver (Lec), [2] Christine McMullen (Chs), [3/4] Sarah Parr (Brk), Louisa Dalwood (Hfd)
O55 : 8 draw, [1] Helen Barnard (WAL), [2] Izzy Bramall (Not), [3/4] Marja Vainio (FIN), Brynn Jafry (USA)
O60 : 5 Pool, [1] Mandy Akin (Knt), [2] Bea Spitse (NED), [3/4] Sari Niemisto (FIN), Tamsyn Bennett (Sry)
O65 : 16 draw, [1] Jill Campion (WAL), [2] Karen Hume (Knt), [3/4] Lynne Davies (WAL), Lesley Sturgess (Dys)
O70 : 4 Pool, [1] Pauline Douglas (SCO), [2] Catherine Woodhart (Chs), [3/4] Maureen Carroll (SCO), Susan Wastie (Ofe)

Full Draws and Info on EnglandSquashMasters

Most of the main draw matches will take place at Solihull Arden, with the plate matches (for first match losers) held at West Warwickshire.

The semi-finals will run from 10.30 to 17.30 on Sat 8th, and the finals from 10.00 to 15.00 on Sun 9th, both at Solihull Arden.

We’ll have daily Masters summaries and reports on this site (Masters 2019 coverage)